Academy of Siminalism
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We accept for review and display all works from The Sims Family Albums which meet the rigorous criteria and standards of the academicians' peer review at the Academy. We also provide our own Sims stories and slideshows in order to promote excellence in Sims narration, sorely needed in the morass of over 13,000 families on the official Exchange.

The Academy is devoted to telling the maximum Sims story with the minimum user-designed walls, skins, and objects, and telling the story in a way that is, well...Siminalist!

We can't say too much about the rules now...indeed, we're making them up as we go along! So help us out here! Some people find that they don't even know what Siminalism is until they've received an announcement that they are accepted into the Academy. Some people find out they want to have a club that has them in it and show their works, and become Siminalists that way. Go figure!

Well, who's "We?" Or as they say down here, "What do you mean, we, white man?!"

We are the Siminalists. That should do it for you! Like we said, we believe in telling the maximum Sims story with the minimum distractions in the form of either user-designed or Livin' Large outfits, furniture or agents. Such embellishments are all fine, but we believe that user-designed items can detract from the underlying Human Story embedded within every Sims game. 'Say don't tell' is our motto; sometimes the most piercing stories are told only by a frame of a wilting cactus by a blurry low-resolution pool, with only "No description" in the Family Album text box -- like the seminal "Single Mom from Hell" by cafitz1.


Siminalists believe that the Family Album stands at the heart of every game. The Album is not merely a passive repository of stills illustrating a wonderful house construction, exotic skins, or clever objects. Rather, it is an active if imperfect device to tell a story, develop a character, advance actions, experiment with forms of narrative, suck 16 hours out of every day, and ultimately inject meaning into our silly and pathetic little lives.

Yes, we'll buy Livin' Large and play it til our bladders back up and HUD comes to evict us, but we will never, never use "agent" objects like the Voodoo Doll or Servo or the chemistry set -- qua Voodoo Doll, Servo or the chemistry set -- to advance action. That is, we won't until we say so...


The Family Album is far more precious to Siminalists than Livin' Large Servo, the Voodoo Doll, the chemistry set, the Jini, and that atrocious bear rug in that appalling castle! Hey, if we wanted to play Myst or TimeLapse why would we be playing the Sims? SHEESH!

PLATE QUERY: How many plates can your Sim load up at a time? Three? Ten? Seventeen? Do you really know? Have you ever tried? Get all your neighbors teleported over, have your most talented high-cook point Sim make and serve dinner, sit 'em down at your BIGGEST table, wait for them to chow down. And then see just how many plates you can pick up? Hint: It may require temporarily locking up other high neat-point Sims in the bathroom with furniture blocking the door. When you reach your maximum, write to us at