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There are many ways you can support the Lightsavers Partisan Liberation Movement. You don't have to adopt any ideology or discipline or join anything or -- God forbid! -- acquire the same awful attributes of the very thing we are fighting. You can join at any level -- ranging from performing a partisan raid (non-violently) and e-mailing the proof to or by simply lighting a lamp in your lot window in solidarity or putting a Pillar of Fire (orange lamp) at your doorway to signal your support for visiting partisans. Come help us! The lot you save may be your own! For our freedom and yours!
Already a chain of safe-houses and passive supporters is developing to help the LPLM with material (like orange lamps) or greening or safe haven or just brain-storming about how we can stop this evil. We will protect your identity if you become involved and you need not fear harassment.


1)  Light a candle in your window. It costs hardly anything and you might have such a decoration anyway. It's a passive form of support that tells the Shadow overlords "We don't much like what you're doing" without taking them head on. "What good are you candles going to do against the brutality of the SSG?!" sneered a former friend. Any tiny bit of Sim solidarity you can build against the thuggery and destructiveness of the SSG is a victory.
2)  Lantern.  Use it to backlight a statue or light a garden path. Represents a little more resistance to the darkness and willingness to challenge the Shadow diktat now and then.
3) Blue Flame.  For those who have a personal regard or love for an individual Lightsaver partisan and respect his/her choice to fight the Darkness, even if they cannot directly challege the SSG themselves.
4)  Orange Lamp.  Place in front of your door at your lot, ideally, to signal that you will provide greening and comfort to partisans, assist in lighting supplies, cash, communications, greening, etc. for partisans even if you will not directly challenge the SSG.
5)  Windmill. Accept a unit of the Little Peeps, the fairy folk who light up the windmills and spy on the SSG for us.
6)  Jump in and think up a partisan action yourself, do it, send a picture of documentation and it will be posted, with or without your ID. Remember: only acts of courtesy, kindness, light, whimsy. No violence or griefing.
JOIN US!  Groups are forming now in your neighborhood! Long Live the Light!


Or become one of the many lots quietly supporting us by placing out a windmill for the Little Peeps, one of our partisan sub-units, to come and light up after 6 p.m.  It will be an expression of solidarity with our cause.


All contacts will be screened for relationship to the SSG and will be kept confidential.

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