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What Kind of World Is TSO?
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In your view, what type of world and society are represented by The Sims game, Maxis, its corporate creator,, its corporate manager, and the Sims Community of people who make customized items for the game and fan sites? Remember now, you're thinking not only of the world inside the game, but the world inside of Maxis headquarters in Walnut Run, California, coupled with the world of the community of sites of people making stuff for the Sims.
Choices Votes % replies
Libertarian, i.e. a small government in Jackson, Wyoming concerning itself only with building roads and hospitals while the rest of the country does what it wants. 2 0.00%
Totalitarian, i.e. Nazi fascism or Soviet communism, i.e. political correctness, punishment or mass killing of Jews or gays or Trotskyites, and rigid cultural conformity which disintegrates to mafia-based crime and corruption. 575  40.00%
Authoritarian, i.e. a Latin American dictatorship where the general throws communists into the ocean to make them disappear but lets capitalists have small businesses which they tax according to whether or not they are their relatives. 0 0.00%
Utopian, i.e. terrific creative possibility like Shangri-La in "Lost Horizon" but then Deborah Kerr ages to like 90 in the last scene. 147 20.00%
Pre-Industrial/Crafts, i.e. with some religious persecution but family-based crafts and pastoral views. 17  20.00%
High School, where you make best friends for life and learn a lot, but where the jocks and the cheerleaders get to be class president and get featured in the front pages of the year book and the nerds, freaks, and greasers get to be in the blurry audio-visual club photos in the back of the yearbook. 0 0.00%
The Catholic Church, i.e. rigid dogma but confession where you can cleanse your sins after violating the dogma.  There will be grumpy menopausal nuns who will beat your knuckles with rulers and cheerful priests who will beat your--oh, never mind... 0 0.00%
The U.S. Post Office, i.e. the lines are long, the delivery poor, and the staff hate you and shortchange you when you buy a roll of stamps and shoot each other behind the counter when the supervisor makes them work overtime, but still, you pretty much get your magazines, bills, and first-class mail on time even if you have a million circulars from J.C. Penny's and pleas to support CARE.. 0 0.00%
Renaissance, i.e. flowering arts and crafts, spectacular painting and architecture but no flush toilet, major highways, or McDonalds. 14  0.00%
India, i.e. an ancient but ever-renewing religious ideology which lets you have a series of new lives and all you have to do is not eat beef; millions of highly-educated computer programs who are willing to work for nothing; a massive civil servant class which you have to bribe to get along; and desperately poor people lying on the street. 79  20.00%
Brave New World, i.e. unlimited sex, drugs, and rock and roll but a gnawing sense that my real Mother might be out in the desert somewhere. 0 0.00%
Ancient Egypt, i.e. drop-dead pyramids, gorgeous tombs, pharoahs who write brilliant scrolls but masses of slaves who die face down in the sand after being worked to death. 0 0.00%

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