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Help for Victims of SSG
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Have you been "Shadowized?" Did you agree to sell your lot in a weak or desperate moment and/or change its name to include the word "Shadow"? There is help for victims of the Sim Shadow Government. The Lightsavers Partisan Liberation Movement provides greening comfort, sympathy, emergency small loans, and most important, a free gift of light.

You do not have to remain in this evil, totalitarian organization that saps the will and creativity of Sims. There is help. There is support. You can contact us secretly through this site and we will get help to you. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness!

How do they do it? They wait until your guard is're sick or busy IRL or bored with the game and you figure, "what the heck, let them buy my lot, whatever." The next thing you know you have been turned into a Shadow of Your Former Self. Resist!