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"Rage, rage against the dying of the light..."

Death is our power, our labor and sweat
Death is our veins, our soul and flesh.
We won't go to the hills anymore -- the lights are on in our houses.
It is not us who don't see them -- it is them, who can't see us.
Iosif Brodsky, "Hills"


5/22 The New Mia's first balloon! I wasn't sure it really was Mia! But it was the tits that convinced me!


5/14  The girls invited me over to SSH. Finally they unbanned me! But I cleared their plates...


5/10  One of our operatives -- more are joining every day! -- lands at the SSH and clears the plate of the cunning orange-haired one. Get this: she lands on the lot and gets gloved immediately -- prophylactically, so to speak. That means the SSH gals have developed a secret code that must be IM'd before you land or there's something up because they assume everyone is an enemy. I wonder how they can stay number one with that kind of attitude toward guests. NM, their plates are getting cleared day by day, one by one. Long Live the Lightsavers Partisan Liberation Movement!


5/9 1)  A new Xena and a new lot -- formerly Shadow? Only the Shadow knows...  Tried to give her the Light of the Revo but she demurred -- "you just can't trust anybody," says she. I cleared her plate, and waited for her to talk about what I had found on the SSG site. Guess what! Xena has close friends in the White House! Because she's been made nothing less than Sim Shadow Government Ambassador to Blazing Falls. See, ever since the SSG took over half of Alpha, they moved on to other lands. Xena acted shocked, shocked because she said she only "talked about" it with the SSG and "didn't even know" her new assignment was on their website. Never mind. Two classic ruses at work here: a) they draw her into the web of intrigue by using her name without her permission, hoping to gain credibility by using popular Sims apparently with good reputations to advance their nefarious purposes and/or b) she just pretends to know nothing. Either way, we still got a hanging lantern traded to Thalo',  one of her jumpsuited gophers coming to make a pay-off as we stood at the dishwasher.

2) Hoisted a few at the bar at Creative Expressions. Heard tell it used to be under Shadow management with a Shadow name. Or that a Shadow bought it and closed it down. Then it was sold or renamed. Under new management? Or the same Alpha Guy who is Slyguy, too? But do "They" ever let you go? A rather scared roomie wouldn't talk, but accepted the Orange Lamp of Freedom, and agreed to deploy it by the bar. May it glow and disperse the shadows.



5/7 Set off fire crackers on the store lot of That, called -- are you ready for this??? -- evilclownstore. You always wanted to buy that big-ass ugly clown pole for your establishment, didn't you? Now you know where you can buy them in bulk. That impishly tried to put pillars of light around me and prevent me from firing my crackers but I had thoughtfully queued up 9 of them beforehand. What happened next wasn't pretty, but I'll save that story for another day. Remember, any form of fire or light you can manage on a shadow lot is to the good. E-mail me your partisan raid pics at  I can run them showing your lot name or not, depending on your wishes.


1) Fixed garden lamp at Sim Sorority House. Cost:  $139.
2) Declared undying love to Gypsy and presented her with Blue Flame.



Help us save the light! The Lightsavers are a partisan liberation movement dedicated to freeing TSO of the Sim Shadow Government and all its works.

Our first successful operation. We landed a Pillar of Light in the heart of Shadow Land at the Shadow Casino. A present was given to the prop owner, and at our request, it was placed out in the front of the lot. Long live the Revo!


Later the same evening we made a hit on Sorority House, a center of SSG darkness. We gifted the lovely Gypsy with a shining light, convincing her to place it behind the statute out at the pool...


...there the light shines in the darkness...and the darkness does not snuff it out...


...Making contact with some of our clandestine supporters deep in Enemy territory...


Finally, penetration of Shadow Gnomes after a long wait, where the lovely HotLex graciously accepted an orange lamp and deployed it by the piano...


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