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"Art is supposed to be controversial..."
                             Mia Mau

It was only a matter of time before the Revolutionary Struggle for the Light began to capture the people's imagination. The Vanguard of the Sims -- the intellectuals and artists who have fashioned art galleries now in TSO -- have quietly but resolutely mounted a few works of art reflecting the struggle of the Lightsavers. No one can ever be sure what art is about -- "art begins where the question why leaves off" say the famous Russian artists Komar and Melamid. We will leave you with the question "why" -- but interestingly the galleries have not yet been struck by the tyrant's bulldozers -- not yet, anyway. Moe, a veritable Khrushchev, a leader of the 20th Party Congress! And Mia, a a veritable Rockefeller! Instead, the toto oligarchs themselves have become veritable Medicis...They watch...the do not understand...yet they do not dare to destroy...lest they alienate the people's affections...


"If you build it they won't come." by Paul Neruda
The magic of the cornfields is fleeting.  Hungry mouths watch the fields grow and quickly consume its sustenance.  Eat and flee is apparently the mantra.  The seasons come and go and the fields continue to mature.  However, soil degradationm and erosion loom as threats.  A dark wind emanates from the Meadows of the snowy West.  Efforts to ward off the darkness with the planting of lanterns are under way.  However, hordes of marauders have been spotted trailing this force...


"Quixote Sim Panza"  (Artwork by Paul Neruda, Poem by Adina)
Shadows closing in around him, eyes set o the light. 
Darkness muddles to confound him, still he has his sight.
Noble knight of fair La Mancha
Shine to shadows drive away
Keep our city safe for always,
Keep the darkness far at bay
Don Quixote, Don Quixote,
Brave crusader for the light,
Tilt at windmills, think them dragons
But save us from coming night.


From the Dyerbrook Collection. A working lantern. And a broken lantern...

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