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Greetings from Hell's Half-Acre

In our last episode, Single Mom still hadn't collected the dough from Gayres to pay for her demo tape... Without it, she couldn't get some gigs, crankstart her singing career, put a roof over her head, and get her kids back from the state.

FIRST FRAME: "There are days when I fall asleep standing in a pool of my own piss...The shower leaks, too."

Single Mom had been dumped at the edge of a pool by her ex and was living out in the open on a patio with her two kids. She was forced to hold a tag sale in her yard every day to try to survive. She was hoping to raise the scratch to pay for a demo tape to jumpstart her stalled career.

("I will go anywhere, just anywhere to show my jpegs." cafiz1)

"If geocities has too much traffic, I will come over to tripod to try to ul my Academy of Siminalist Sims Family Album Pages!"



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