Rejection from the Academy: How to Take It

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The Academy of Siminalism

Harsh but helpful truth

Rejection is not a dishonor, just a characterization. There are rules, there are genres, there are styles. Until we are overflowing with submissions of tacky stories about frazzled homemakers and multiple toasters, we'll take anything that barks. But we can't characterize as "Siminalism" the stills albums of "my fantastic home with skills maxed" and stories where the user-designed objects, walls, skins, etc. take over. Examples below. These are other academies, and we urge their users to create their own schools and academies to enrich Sim game playing.

You've seen them. We've all seen them. Each day, Maxis uploads teleported families to the site. 99 Families Teleported Today! they crow. But are they any good? Will anybody even be able to see them? Can anybody even tell whether they have 50 frames of heartwringing yet spare Simming in a Family Album story or 4 frames of "look at the naked Sims isn't this kewl you can tell the difference."

So at risk of being flamed, we will try to sort some of this out and start the debate about Siminalism and Maxisalism. As Lenin once said, "before we unite, we must differentiate." And he should know, he was a mass murderer.

princessliar has told an efficient and handsome 20+ frame story today among a stream off pedestrian Teleported families. Humor, pace, styling and object placement -- all elegant. But a number of our canons are violated -- too- pink user walls and trellis wall-paper..those heart boxers (which may be ruled standard Academy soon due to heavy use), "the skins from space all over the place" as our founder puts it. Sigh. What's left for Siminalism? Only one frame -- and hubba hubba watch out! Simlication of the boxers on some saucy dark fellas...the very word saucy, of course...And we have one frame rescued for Siminalism! Keep up the good work, princessa!

Yikes! Doesn't anybody read C.S. Lewis' "The Magician's Nephew" anymore instead of Harry Potter?! We count at least 5 Academy violations here in "The revengefilled wizard family" by tooten11:

1)wizard kids dressed in--guess what, wizard skins (Siminalists just use their jammies!); 2)lama qua lama--these kids only have one friend in the world, a lama (but see cafitz's Siminalist use of lama as Pegasus, the Flying Horse, in "The Professor and Digby Family" below; and 3)no door for the little ones to escape the gate, another kiddiekiller on our hands here; 4) literal use of balloon; contrast this to cafitz's Professor, in Medieval Tapestry World, instructing Digby (right)about universe travel; 5) dreaded baloons later in the story, although rescued with simile balloon dance for "furniture fed up" mode.


"should we use magic to make bubbles or balloons to trap them" duper asked the lama.

Anything rescued for Siminalism here? Surely...tooten11 devises a marvelous pee-puddle simile called "sploo"! It happened after the brother hijacked a schoolbus and put his sister in the road...that's what she went! Linguist Benjamin Whorf would be proud of you, tooten11! We won't give away the rest of the plot...the sploo thickens!

From princessliar, The Force Family


To take his mind off things, Vader decided to redecorate his room...Saucy!


Forgetting about the essentials...


Vader angrily slapped Boba. "Mummy!" wept Boba.



"If you come with me, we can plant flags in many worlds," said the Professor.


so the kids came back and did their baloon dance and...


Digby was relieved that Pegasus had finally returned. He fed him some hay and patiently waited for him to tell the story of Gornamir Kharkharkh...


she went sploo

If you can't beat them, join them.

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