Classics of Siminalism


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Academy of Siminalism


Classic Examples of Siminalism

The The Flamingo Family
by Simplayer9

Siminalism first came to our attention with the classic work of Simplayer9, The The Flamingo Family Home (the double "the" distinguishes it from the many other Flamingo Family imitators). The The Flamingo Family story makes use of one of the hallmarks of the Sims, the pink lawn flamingo. Many users believe that when the pink lawn flamingos bark (caw? screech?), it is a harbinger of disaster waiting to befall their Sim in the near future -- harbinger being an ancient Gaelic term for a bird-that-caws-before-disaster...or was that albatross? Or canary in a coal mine? Wait, I think the canary runs out of oxygen and can't squawk. Nevermind.

ANYWAY The The Flamingo Family, with its menacing multiplicity of flamingos, has inspired thousands of players to replicate toasters, wicker tables, and snowmen to express the underlying terror in all our shallow and shabby lives.


The flamingos were at the computers.


Yes, Bill, our story *has* been accepted into the Academy of Siminalism!

Animated Backhoe

We went and grabbed these jpgs for our Academy's review right off the Family Exchange on because we figure they're in the public domain. If you don't like your stories being put here, complain bitterly! And we'll see you in court. "Fair use" is 250 words or less. By Simanalogy, it's only a coupla frames, bud!