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Here are some cheats !

                                             How to get a 40 deku seed bag for your slingshot
To do this you must have a slingshot. Go to the lost woods and when you walk in take a right and you will see a fence a tree and this weird white thing hanging from the tree branch. Shoot at the white thing and make sure every time you hit it , it will say 100. You must hit it 3 times and every 3 times it should say 100. If you get 30 for hitting it 3 times you will get nothing.

How to get a 50 deku seed bag for your slingshot
Go to the Hyrule Market and make sure you have 20 ruppees or more.
Find the place where you shoot ruppees with your slingshot. then when you get there tell the man that you want to play the game he will say pay 20 ruppees pay him 20 ruppees and try to beat the ruppee shooting game. If you mess up go back to the location where the bridge is but dont leave just go in the place where there are lots of pots and brake them all so you can get like 80 ruppees so you can play there for a while without leaving.

                  how to make your seeds grow faster
Make sure you are a kid and you have the song of storms. Plant a seed in a soft hole then play the song of storms.

How to beat the treasure chest game easily in Hyrule Market
Make sure you have the sun song and the lens of truth. when you enter the Market play the sun song and it will be dark. Make sure you have 10 ruppees. when you enter the place where you play the treasure chest game. Ask the man if you can play. He will say yes. Give him 10 ruppees so you can play. when you enter the first room take out your lens of truth then use it on a treasure chest so you can see through it if its a ruppee do not open it only open the ones with keys inside. Do this on every treasure chest and you will beat it easily.
Note: when you do this you can enter some other houses that you cant enter in day light.