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This is Misha's Wonder Site.

Hi my name is Misha!  I live in New york city and I am 10. I am russian and american. Also, I like to play video games and I beat most of my games. I own 4 systems and I have 39 games. The systems that you see on this page are all of the systems I own. If you would Like to know what games I have just go to the bottom of this page.


Nintendo 64 is bigger than Nintendo Game Cube and on the bottom there's this thing that says EXT and the company never made a special thing for that EXT. Also the games are not discs but they are like cartridges.


PS2 is the best system I have so far. It plays DVDs, CDs, Game CDs, and it has 2 USB compartments. Also, it could be horizontal or vertical and it has 2 memory card slots and has 2 controller slots also it plays playstation # 1.


Game Cube is smaller than N64, the discs are smaller than CDs, and it has 2 memory card slots and 4 player capacity. It has an adapter underneath the Game Cube surface. It has a handle to carry it around and it looks like a lunch box!


Xbox is the 2nd  best system I have because I could save music cd's to it and it plays dvd's but you need a dvd remote. Also, the memory card for Xbox goes into the controller not the system it self. Xbox is like 1 foot and 4 inches wide.  Its bigger than all the rest of my systems. Also, the xbox has a built in memory storage where you could save up to 50,000 blocks or 5000 I think its 5000 Iam not sure.

Video games that I have