March 28


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Let me give you a tip about the paid tripod sitebuilder. It does let you customize the design of your pages more by uploading jpegs or other graphics files to replace design elements. But you can't customize the design once you created the site. If you go in and make a new page, you press on "customizable designs" and it will give you squat. Click though you might, you will not get it to change. So don't waste your time.

DB and I spent the entire day making a site for Misha and helping him learn some of these sitebuilding things. We're trying to give an outlook for his expression. He is at the age (9) where stories about naked bunnies (don't bunnies come naked as a matter of course?!) who live under "somebody's underwear" are just so rollickingly hilarious that he and his best friend, Josh, upstairs, collapse in gales of laugher as they write this book. Geez, it's 30 pages of this stuff, and what, we're going to inflict it on the Internet? But there's the alternative, creets (I learned from a KN novel today, an old lady called her family members "creatures" and it was "creets" for short LOL). The alternative is: Misha hits the Barbie phone and makes it play all three of its idiotic tapes "Hi my name is Barbie, call me up and let's have some fun today" over and over to bedevil his little sister. Or there's freezing bottles of Gator Aid and then bashing them into slush on the counter to make Slushies. Two hours of playing outside and it got too cold.

I clicked on Misha today, and clicked again, and clicked, and said "take out the garbage," and finally the garbage was taken...and then he ran away in his slippers. For a good long time. I thought he was taking one of those "long-way-around" Sim-walks back from the mailbox/trashcan area, you know the kind...ALL the way AROUND, past the rosebushes, past the fake custom sprinkler, behind the house where the patio the Legit Family. And finally HOME.

You know you're dying to see what I bid on today...



"Change of Heart" was a silent movie in 1934, based on Kathleen Norris' "Manhattan Love Song." Charles Farrell starred with Janet Gaynor.

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"In those golden years of Hollywood, women were treated like disposable Kleenex. My experience started at MGM in 1933. I made two dozen pictures in five years and my hair color changed in each one. We had nothing to say about our appearance. I had to lose weight, although I was a size 8. The strain of the working conditions was almost beyond endurance. I don't know how we survived making Eight Girls in a Boat (1934) for Paramount. We had to jump into a cold lake 20 times for a take. SAG was born while I was making Change of Heart (1934) with Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple, and Kenneth Thomson. Thomson became SAG's first executive, and we all joined. Now actors have choices, which is better than being a ball in a roulette wheel, like we were." BARBARA BARONDESS