Flamingo Court
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"Hey, there Ror. Long time no see. How's it hanging up at the Livin' Large."

"No, she don't have any hours for me, Ron, I'm not there now. I'm um...sort of doing some yard work and stuff for Rochelle."

"Hmmm...we was over to the Lounge the other night and that pool didn't look very cleaned up...I thought you might be down to Allentown on a run with Stan..."

"Stan ain't working either. He's holding the Flaubert Club now. Like twice a week."

"Oh. Did they discuss that new biography that's come out? "

"That's going to be NEXT week, Ron. You should come. There's always plenty of booze."

"Well...I gotta work Tuesdays...lemme see."

"Come on, come on, come on, Ror. If we're gonna get in nine holes AND get out to Tikki AND get the van back for Patti, we gotta get the lead out here."
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