Flamingo Court
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"You need to find a woman, Rory."

"Well, like I said, Dyer, DUHHHHH!!!!!!"

"And you won't find one playing the Sims and Mortal Combat every night until 4:00 a.m. and then missing doing Rochelle's chores in the morning so that you don't even have $10 to go to the Broncho's and pick up the waitresses, if nothing else."

"Well, that's just it, Dyer. 'If nothing else.' I'm tired of all that. I want something more. I don't want just a fling. I don't want some girl who feels sorry for me because I'm a tub o' lard and she's drunk at some party. I want someone who loves me for myself."

"Well...there's so much of you to love, Rory...It's hard..."

"I want to just wait for the right woman to come along, Dyer."
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