Flamingo Court
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"Ror, just 9 holes today. OK? Because, really, I really SHOULD take you to Tikki. It's for your own good, m'boy. You haven't even TOUCHED that present I gave you for Christmas."

"That's not true. I used four. At least. At least four. I told you."

"Rory. You know the numbers aren't in your favor, dude. Come on, 9 holes, and then...another 9 holes, but somewhere else ROFLMAO!"

"Your humor is sometimes so crude, Dyer. Really. I mean. I don't find it enjoyable. It's my birthday. You said you'd take me out. And you said we'd do 'anything you want, for as long as you want.' Those were your exact words, DB."

"OK. I'm nothing if not a man of my word..."
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