Flamingo Court
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"Shoot! It bounced off! Dammit, Dyer!"

"Are you ready to listen to my wisdom now, my son?"


"OK. This is from Dr. Nicoll. 'The external world is reflected in us through the senses via the nervous system, the nerves and their impulses, and represented in us as people, things. If you take in a negative impression of a person you know well, *that person in you* becomes negative *to you*. ...... Now if you have cleared a portico, a hall, a space in yourself by self-observation so that you can see a negative impression coming in and are able not to let it enter freely, not to identify with it, not let it go where it wishes, not say 'I' to it, then you keep clear of the mechanical result of that impression. This is magic. This place is what all must make in their inner world. ..... But if we have not made this clearing, this portico, not made doors and locks, we are at the mercy of outer life, having nothing in us to prevent its continual effect. But when you realize that outer life and people and things come in only *as impressions*, via the senses, then you have made this inner space or clearing in yourself, you can allow to enter and accept some of these impressions and reject others. .... Now if you take in and accept the endless, jealous, envious, unhappy, and so negative impressions of events of daily life and other people, you are just a mechanical person..... You are a function of life, driven by life. There is really nothing conscious in you'".
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