Flamingo Court
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"Look, Elephant Circus is also a shew-in. It's deceptively easy. But in fact actually easy. But still, you have to make Lincoln Logs and Elephant Circus under 2, because then you have Windmills and Waterfalls."

"I know, Rory. But that's how life is. You have easy stuff, and little stuff that trips you up, and then bigger stuff, and you just have to remain high-flex, and..."

"I want the do-over, DB. If I can't get a good start, I just can't keep my rhythm, see, and I wanna go for the gold today. I want the Crystal Skull."

"You want the Crystal Skull."

"Well, yeah. It's my birthday. My 30th birthday! I mean, if I can't play the 18 holes at the Chechnya Miniature Golf under par and win the Crystal Skull by the time I'm 30, what good am I???"

"You have a point there, Ror."
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