Flamingo Court
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"There's still some beer in the cooler. I don't really want to go anywhere....I'm so happy...there's just one thing I don't understand...why there isn't a lighthouse here, when it's on the sign, 'n all. I mean, they have a lighthouse in the sign, but there isn't an ACTUAL lighthouse hole, know't I mean, I mean, usually, the minis all have lighthouses....the one out beyond Smyrna has a lighthouse...Dyer, I think you owe me like one favor still, you know, where like, you said that you'd do anything I want as long as I want, and I'm thinkin, gee, why don't we go over to the Mini in Smyrna, because that one has a lighthouse, Dyer, see..."

"No. We'll leave it for next time. There must always be some Mini mastery just out of reach, my son, or you will not evolve."

"I mean, I'm totally at peace, Dyer. I got what I always wanted. I got below par at the Mini, I got the Crystal Skull, I'm 30, and it's probably all down hill from here on out. But I was just thinking, you know, I mean, with the lighthouse and all..."

"It was definitely one of life's peak experiences. Be content, Rory, and don't think about the lighthouse. The windows in the windmills were all lit up, anyway, right?"
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