Flamingo Court
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"So, see, we don't want to have to deal with Patty, see, you can understand that, and it's just for the day, and it's Rory's birthday, and..."


"Come on, Stan. I know I owe you, but you took my pot, and besides..."

"I did not take your pot...and you owe me, deadbeat."

"Come on, it's Rory's birthday!"

"No. I need to go over to the bowling alley later...and besides...besides...I might have to pick up Elaine."

"Stan! You know Patty can go over when she works tonight. Come on. They can walk for chrissakes. It's right up the road!"

"It's hot out. And the answer is NO."

"Well...how about if you drive us out there, and leave us. And we'll hitch back."

"No. I gotta babysit. Now leave me alone. I got laundry to do and all the other goddang housework she leaves me."
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